Favorite Spaces Series: Gardens

Seeing as though today is Valentine’s Day and flowers are synonymous with February 14th, I thought it appropriate to feature gardens as part of my Favorite Spaces series.  Landscape architects are some of the unsung heroes in Coral Gables’ and Coconut Grove’s tropical paradise.  They can start from nothing and create an environment that will take your breath away.  Landscaping IS pricey but you get so much bang for the buck that I think the dollars are well spent.  If you get to see some of the local landscaping of Robert Parsley, Dave Lewis, Raymond Jungles, John Farrar, Susan Hall, or Deena Bell (just to name a few), you will be transported.   That’s how I feel when I look at my favorite garden spaces in my Coral Gables and Coconut Grove listings over the years.

Meandering path in Coconut Grove Home

Have a yen for Zen?  Then this was the garden.  The combination of the tropical foliage, the sound of water trickling in the background, and the outdoor wooden chimes moving in the breeze transported you to a quiet, calming place.

Countless shades of green in Snapper Creek Lakes' garden

The fabulous landscaping of Raymond Jungles contributed to this tropical natural hammock with its coral rock floor and created a place where children could cavort or a chilled glass of chardonnay could be enjoyed on a balmy evening.  “Moon lighting” provided a gorgeous backdrop for evening entertainment.

European vistas in Coral Gables, Fl

Is this garden really in Coral Gables or is it the Cotswolds?  The meandering pathways provide a charming gateway to the front door.  Although on a busy street, it felt as though the home was located off a country road.  The red pentas created an oasis for butterflies.

Nature's Majesty in Snapper Creek Lakes

This are over 50 oak trees on this Snapper Creek Lakes property!  Although the home itself is quite beautiful, it is a statement as to why we cannot compete with Mother Nature.

Coral Gables' garden

Simplicity in Coral Gables

This manicured garden was laid out with a neat, symmetrical, orderly design.   It’s structured design felt comfortable and the oak trees allowed the dappled sunlight to break through in a most delightful way.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my favorite gardens this Valentine’s Day. View my favorite kitchens, pools and living rooms if you haven’t seen them yet.

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