The Villages of Coral Gables: Florida Pioneer and Italian

I recently shared a little background about Coral Gables’ Historic Villages. You can read about it here. Today, I thought I’d share a little about the Florida Pioneer Village and the Italian Village.

Florida Pioneer Village

Source: City of Coral Gables

Located on Santa Maria Street, south of the Biltmore Hotel you’ll find five homes constructed between 1925-1926 in the Colonial Revival style by the architectural firm of John Pierson and John Coulton Skinner.

The Colonial Revival style was a nod to 19th Century New England where European Georgian architecture was being emulated. The vision for the Pioneer Village was for the area to resemble a New England town. As with other village plans, the hurricane of 1926 and economic downturn dashed hopes of additional construction. Below you can view Pioneer Village homes in 1926, post hurricane.

Florida Pioneer Village, Photo Source: Brittex USA

According to the City of Coral Gables, these 5 homes were included in the Santa Maria Historic District in 2007. To view the homes for sale in this area, please click here.

Italian Village

Italian Village Residence Photo Courtesy: City of Coral Gables

Italian farm houses and country villas were the inspiration for the seventeen homes built during 1925-1927 found on San Antonio Avenue, San Esteban, Segovia Street and Monserrate Street. The architects on this project included Alfred L. Klingbeil, John and Coulton Skinner, R. F. Ware, and Robert Law Weed.

Tile roofs and painted stucco walls are a signature of these homes but residences built after the original seventeen in this area generally maintained the style initially envisioned and blend in seamlessly. To view homes for sale in the Italian Village click here.


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