Award-Winning: Coconut Grove Arts Festival Posters

Throngs of people will meander the joyful streets of Coconut Grove and be reminded (or introduced for the first time) of its unique artsy vibe during the 49th Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, held February 18 – 20, 2012. As the former owner of Gallery One of Coconut Grove,  this art festival holds a special place in my heart as do the many posters and objets d’art I’ve collected over the years there.  When I glance at them I’m instantly transported to that place in time when I purchased the piece and what drew me to each one. Here’s a list of my favorite Coconut Grove Art Festival posters.

1993 “Coconuts” by Sue Archer    This iconic poster of Coconuts just felt like Coconut Grove and nowhere else.

1996 “Buds Window” by Lynn Fecteau    This dreamy poster looking out at the water with the palm tree in the background and the orchid and shell in the forefront spoke of Biscayne Bay on a balmy day.

1997 “Reflections” by Elaine Hahn   Sea shells floating in water and reflected on a mirrored table.  Just charming.

1998 “Birds of Tropics” by Carmen A. Lagos   Every year I search out Carmen’s work at the Festival.  Her use of color is fearless and this poster was absolutely joyful.

2000 “Cocos y Azul” by Gustavo Castillo   Coconuts once again.  Simply but masterfully displayed.

2002  “Date Palm”  by Maria Reyes Jones    I bought this poster because the colors were so striking and I have not tired of it yet.

2003  “le Paon Royal”   Who does not love a peacock?

2009  “Grove Fresh”  by Jacqueline Roch   Even if you don’t like mangos, the lushness of this fruit is captured by Jaqueline’s incredible talent.  I have since gone on to buy other original works of Jacqueline’s and I always look forward to seeing what she has at her booth.

All of these images were sourced from the Coconut Grove Art Festival store where you can purchase every poster from years past!

Stay tuned for the next week when I share an interview with this year’s award winning artist, Marilyn Liedman, and share her poster.

Do you have a favorite? Would love to hear about it!

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