Coconut Grove Institution: Scotty’s Landing May Be No More

Say it isn’t so! The lease for the Grove Key Marina (and, by default) Scotty’s Landing is set to expire. The landlord, the City of Miami, has put forth a request for proposals for an upgraded marina, including a “casual outdoor restaurant”.

Source: Flicker

After living in Coconut Grove for most of my life, Scotty’s Landing has always been my go-to place for a burger or a dolphin sandwich.  When my kids were little they would pitch stones into Biscayne Bay while the grown-ups enjoyed the breeze and the music and a bucket of ice cold beers.  My various dogs often accompanied us where they waited for someone to drop a French fry or rub their belly.  I cannot imagine my Coconut Grove without Scotty’s Landing.

For more details, check out the Miami Herald’s article.

Would you like to see a sleeker marina and a different waterfront restaurant or is rustic Scotty’s more your speed?

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