I’m Impacted. Are You?

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As the dreaded cone of uncertainty flashes on our screens warning South Florida of a possible strike from Tropical Storm Isaac or maybe (gulp) Hurricane Isaac, we all instantly think of hurricane protection. Windows replace the kitchen as the most important aspect of our homes in an instant during potential storm threats. However, for most Coral Gables and Coconut Grove home buyers, windows are a vital part of purchasing a home year round because of our propensity to storms.

I still come across sellers who downplay the importance of impact windows or, at minimum, shutters when negotiating price. If my buyers’ place an offer on a home with less than optimum windows, I typically counsel them to ask for a credit. It impacts insurance rates and, more importantly, safety.

On week’s like this one, if a home for sale doesn’t have hurricane protection…it typically doesn’t have showings.

Now, let’s wish Isaac a swift good-bye and demand he leaves our Caribbean neighbors off his checklist.

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