By The Numbers: January 2012 Sales in Coral Gables

The month of January flew by. I blinked my eyes and it was gone and so too were some of the homes that sold in Coral Gables last month. Other properties lingered on the market until someone scooped them up. In total, 24 single family homes sold in Coral Gables in January. That’s a solid figure, slightly above last year. I can sense buyers are aware of the lower inventory and that’s causing a bit more intensity on their part. It’s a refreshing change of pace!

Here are  snapshots to put Coral Gables’ real estate landscape in perspective. Firstly, here’s how many days properties remained on the market. The numbers vary but I was happy to see 6 sell within 30 days. The property which took the longest was worth the wait. The waterfront estate located at 181 Leucadendra Drive, Coral Gables took nearly two years to sell for nearly $16 million!

January 2012 Coral Gables Sold


















Another metric I like to share is the variance between list price and sales price. It always paints an interesting portrait.

Variance in Price


















I’m currently working on crunching the numbers in Coconut Grove. Look forward to sharing that with you soon!

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