What’s In A Name?

I spend a fair bit of time at the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables. My gym, Equinox, is there as are a few of my favorite stores and eateries. It’s a luxurious open air shopping and restaurant complex that has added a necessary resource to our area. It seems, however, that the name doesn’t quite communicate Merrick Park’s core offering.

A recent article in The Miami Herald reported that the Village of Merrick Park was undergoing a name change. The new name will be Merrick Shops. The senior general manager of the shopping center, Kerem Kayser, was quoted as saying,  “The Village of Merrick Park name really didn’t reasonate with shoppers. We believe it caused a lot of confusion in the maketplace. We wanted our name to distinctly represent that we are an exclusive shopping destination.”

I can see where this rebranding will help clarify what the main purpose of the complex is…but I hope patrons don’t forget the great restaurants and gym that are nestled in this lush setting.

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