Artistotle’s Influence On Real Estate

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, born in 384 BC who wrote about many subjects including physics, poetry, rhetoric, theatre and more. The more, however, did not include real estate but he did leave us a quote that I employ as I develop my marketing plan for my listings:

“The soul never thinks without a picture.”

This could not be more fitting than in our current market where the majority of potential buyers are scouring the internet, looking for their dream house. In my estimation, pictures are the most vital tool in a Realtor’s arsenal when prospecting. For this reason I invest in professional photography for my listings. I’ll return to a property multiple times if necessary to improve on a shot. I do this because pictures are the first impression of a property. A seller should demand that their property be shown in the best possible light.

I don’t think these sellers know they can request better photos. Would you want to see these properties?

A bedroom should be restful not…this.

A blurry, incomplete photo doesn’t inspire showings.


Is this a Craigslist listing or a property listing?

Don’t remind me I have to clean the toilet.

A picture does say a thousand words. Make sure you select a Realtor that speaks the same language you do.

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