When I Attend a Conference, My Clients Benefit

The last few days I’ve been attending and speaking at a real estate conference for the Leaders in Luxury.

Realtor Carole Smith speaking on a panel at Leaders of Luxury real estate conference.

This is an elite association of Realtors specializing in luxury real estate. Why is this of value to my clients? It’s of value to my clients because I invest in fine tuning my craft all the while expanding my network which can deliver a potential buyer for one of my sellers’ luxury properties.

While at this and similar conferences, I continue to learn how to best market my listings to buyers who have the highest propensity to purchase, reducing the amount of time a property sits on the market. When my sellers provide me the opportunity to represent the property, they benefit from my ongoing commitment to stay ahead of the curve…and Lord knows there are a lot of curve balls thrown in this business.

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